Can walnuts help with depression?

This is nuts, ladies and gentlemen.

Findings from a recent epidemiological study suggest that “consuming walnuts may be associated with a lower prevalence and frequency of depression symptoms among American adults,” said a Eurekalert release, originally from Edelman Seattle.

Researchers involved with this study assessed participants for depression. They discovered that “depression scores were 26 percent lower for walnut consumers and eight percent lower for consumers of other nuts, compared to those who did not consume nuts at all,” the release said.

Researchers analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for this study. Over 26,000 American adults were questioned about their diets over a one to two-day time frame, and were also questioned about depression symptoms over a two-week span. Survey participants completed a questionnaire that inquired about trouble sleeping, energy levels, and concentration difficulties.

Results from the study revealed that “walnut consumers were more likely to have greater interest in activities, higher energy levels, less hopelessness, better concentration, and greater optimism,” the release explained.

Participants that eat nuts, specifically walnuts, had far lower depression scores compared to participants who do not consume nuts.

After reading about this fantastic discovery, I wanted to conduct a bit of research and learn about what other benefits walnuts can offer when consumed. Walnuts are rich with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids; they can help to diminish inflammation in the body; they promote gut health; they may reduce the risk of developing certain cancers; they can help maintain weight control; they can help with managing type 2 diabetes; they may assist in lowering blood pressure; they contribute to healthy ageing; they promote strong brain functions; and they help to support reproductive health, says the Healthline website.

I will be honest and admit that I was unaware of just how beneficial walnuts are to the human body, but they are a superfood of sorts. Time to get some walnuts!

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