Appreciating the present

Life is a crazy thing, as we’re arguably all aware. Things may not necessarily pan out how we intended for them to, relationships come and go, and stress is ever prevalent. And, while these things may be inevitable, they’re certainly not things that should take precedence over others, such as family and friendships.

Something I feel as though a lot of us fall victim to is failing to appreciate the present while we can. Because life can get so crazy, it is easy to become oblivious to things happening right in front of us, only to recognize their worth once the moment has passed.

Take grandparents, for example. My moms father is still active in my life, as is my dads mother. My Opa is 93, and my Nagymama, which translates as grandmother in Hungarian, is 80.

Many of my friends who are around my age aren’t as fortunate as I am in this regard. Many of their grandparents are absent from their lives, either because they’ve passed or they’re living in a distant location. I remind myself on a daily basis not to take my grandparents for granted, nor my parents for that matter, for the simple reason referred to as the unknown. These people are in my life presently, but they may not be in the near future due to unforeseen circumstances.

Hence why appreciating the present is so important.

The significance of valuing what we have in our lives at this very moment has become clouded by life itself. Rather than focusing on everything negative, or unfortunate in our lives, why not emphasize the positive, and live a happier life in the process?

Prioritize the present, ladies and gentleman. I promise you, it’s far more important than we may believe, and it will so far more good than harm in the long run.

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