Navigating the unknown

For many of us, the concept of the unknown is positively terrifying.

For others, the thought of not knowing what the future holds is simply fact and fails to be a bothersome source of stress and anxiety.

Personally, I don’t fare well with the unknown. I wouldn’t say it’s something that causes me significant worry, but sometimes, thinking about how I have no way to know what’s to come freaks me out, as I think it would for anyone from time to time. And what is so frustrating is that we have no possible means of determining what is to come, no matter how much we may long to do so.

Being unaware of what the future holds can actually be a positive thing, believe it or not. Depending on how we interpret the unknown, we can choose to use the mystery as motivation to live our lives to the best extent possible, or we can choose to use the mystery as a contributor to our unease and worry. I suppose it’s up to us which end of the spectrum we fall in.

I firmly believe that while we don’t know what is to come, we do know what is facing us presently, therefore we should focus our energy on that. When we worry about the unknown, we’re investing our attention in something we have no control over to a certain extent. Why waste our energy and happiness on what we’re unsure of when we can enjoy what we’re experiencing right now?

It’s easy for me to write these thoughts, but it isn’t necessarily easy to practice them. I try my best to remind myself of enjoying the moment and not worrying about the unknown, and I hope everyone can try their best to do the same. Life is short; enjoy it.

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