This is how to drink more water in a day

Water is one of the best things we can put into our bodies. For a variety of reasons, we’re told from a young age to aim for the recommended amount of water to consume in a given day in order to keep our bodies as hydrated as possible.

As beneficial as water is for our bodies, getting the suggested amount down in a day can be challenging, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t drink a whole lot to begin with. There’s a couple of different things we can do in an attempt to reach our water goal before we hit the sheets, but I have a few suggestions of my own I thought I would share.

I never used to consume as much water as I do now, but I’ve noticed that when I don’t stay hydrated, not only does my body give me warning signs such as feeling quite thirsty, but my skin tends to take a punch. If I fail to drink as much water as I should over the course of a few days, I tend to breakout on my face. So, one thing I like to do in order to meet my water consumption goals is to carry a water bottle with me wherever I’m headed, and further keeping one in my truck at all times. I find that by having constant access to H2O, it’s easier to keep drinking throughout the day, plus I don’t have a justifiable excuse to brush it aside.

Another thing I like to do to keep hydrated is spice up my water itself. Water can become boring every so often, so I like to add some Mio to keep things exciting. Some of my favourite flavours are cherry blackberry and also peach mango, and you can find a variety of water flavouring products at most grocery stores.

Another option if you find yourself forgetting to drink water is to set a reminder in your phone, or even an alarm. This strategy helps a lot of people stay on track in terms of being hydrated.

What are you waiting for? Get to that water bottle!

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