Making the most of everyday life

There is a belief that suggests bartenders are some of the best free counselors in existence, and since becoming a bartender at my current job, I can say with complete certainty that I support this belief. I’ve been bartending for a couple of months now, and it is somewhat mind-blowing to consider the amount of people that have truly opened up to me in deep, honest conversation, despite them being strangers to me, and me to them.

I had a pretty deep conversation with a gentleman the other day a work concerning some stressors in his life. He started to open up to me about his relationships with his children and his wife, and eventually, we got on the topic of friendships as well. Through our discussion, it became apparent that this man had been through some shit, and his words about life in general truly resonated with me long after he left the bar.

This man, in sharing some of his woes and struggles with me, struck me as a man who puts everything he has into each and everyday. It became apparent through talking with him that his outlook on life is one we should all strive to practice, specifically his explanation of how important it is to simply be kind. He emphasized how we are utterly ignorant to the battles people we interact with in our daily lives are facing, and how being a decent human can truly change someone’s entire day, or perhaps even their outlook on life itself.

I’m not sure what it was about this guy that made his words so profound, but the conversation I had with him is one everyone should have with someone else at some point in our lives.

Make the most of each and everyday, and just be kind to others.

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