Navigating the unknown in the COVID-19 outbreak

If I had to pick one word that can be used to semi-accurately describe how a majority of us are feeling right now, I would have to say that word would be fear. Each and every day we wake to new updates and reports regarding the number of cases pertaining to the lethal COVID-19 as well as fatalities, and personally, I’m not exactly sure how anyone could not be feeling a little leery in a time like this.

Despite the multitude of uncertainties we are facing currently and in the coming weeks and months, there is one thing that is allowing for unification during a time of enforced social distancing – we are all in this together, and not one of us knows any more than the next.

While it is challenging to carry on with daily life with so much hanging in the balance, it really has never been more important to do so to whatever extent we can. Maintaining somewhat of a schedule or routine is one way to focus on the things we still remain in control of, and abiding by this form of normalcy can help to alleviate the stress surrounding everything we do not know right now.

While I can’t offer you a concrete way to keep our heads throughout a trying time, I can offer you this: we are facing this storm together, and we must ride it out together. Fear is an incredibly powerful thing, and we cannot allow its power to cloud our perception of reality and daily living during this outbreak.

We can get through this, and we will. Have faith, have hope, and have confidence in yourself to navigate through so many unknowns at the present moment. You are not alone, and this situation, like any other storm, will eventually pass to reveal new horizons.

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