Embracing change through COVID-19

As someone who is a creature of habit and seriously values routine, I can attest to the ability of change causing feelings of unease and discomfort. Change is inevitable and necessary, but for a lot of us, it has a bit of a negative connotation.

When we prefer stability and avoid change, though, we run the risk of missing out on fantastic opportunities that could prove to warrant the prospect of change. Becoming too comfortable with a scenario or situation can be consequential, hence the importance of a willingness to accept change from time to time.

COVID-19 has forced us to endure a lot of change whether we like it or not. Social and physical distancing, mandatory face coverings and more have become integral components of everyday life for us, yet six months ago we likely had no comprehension of the change that was coming. And here we are; accepting and somewhat embracing change because we didn’t have any other options.

I believe COVID-19 has been a strong example of how we can quickly adapt to change even if it makes us uncomfortable. The occurrence of a pandemic has turned our world upside down, but so far, we are managing. With change comes challenge, but I think we have adjusted relatively well in a general sense.

Change can definitely be intimidating, but I think this year has proved that it isn’t something to be feared to the extent some of us assume. Sometimes change is optional and sometimes it goes without a choice, but I think what we have faced so far in 2020 is a fine testament to our ability to cope with and further adjust to required change. It isn’t ideal, nor is it preferred, but a collective agreement to accept change is what is required of us right now.

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