Stop being lazy with COVID-19

I would wager that there are a lot of us who are finding that their patience for the pandemic we are in is wearing thin. It is hard to believe that COVID-19 has been in our lives for almost an entire year now, and based on recent projected data, we could find ourselves in lockdown once more, depending where we are located.

It is understandable that many of us are struggling to remain tolerant of the protocols put in place for our safety. Whether it be limited gatherings, cancelled activities and/or events, physical distancing or wearing masks, some of us are becoming lax with what is expected of us in order to attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus because we are fed up with these very protocols. We feel controlled, oppressed even, and it seems as though more and more of us are beginning to challenge these protocols and defy bylaws put in place as a result of COVID-19.

I get it. I’m getting pretty impatient with certain things we have been asked to do for the safety of ourselves and others, but despite my impatience, I still recognize the importance of these protocols, especially for the sake of others. Do I enjoy wearing a mask when I go out in public? No, I don’t. But, I wear one to potentially save someone’s life in the grand scheme of things, and the same mentality goes for everything else we have had to alter in our lives because of the pandemic we are in.

With the known consequences and devastation that a second wave of this virus could bring, it has never been more important to be stringent with COVID-19 protocols. This virus will not cease unless we make a conscious effort to force it to do so, and it’s time we pulled up our socks and took things a little more seriously.

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