Gaining appreciation via COVID-19

I think it is safe to say that there isn’t much regarding COVID-19 itself that is worthy of appreciation. This virus has beat the hell out of 2020, and it’s still lingering.

While this year hasn’t exactly been our best, I have made note a couple of different times in various posts of the positives that COVID-19 has prompted. These positives aren’t a direct result of the Coronavirus, but its presence has forced certain things into perspective, such as appreciating the ones we love, according to an article from The Good News Network.

“Americans are holding their loved ones tighter as they look to close out 2020 with a sense of optimism, according to a new poll. 

“A new survey of 2,000 Americans found that nearly 70% say this year has made them appreciative of their family and friends more than ever before.

“As a result, two-thirds are adamant about putting more thought into the gifts they give their loved ones this year.

“The poll, conducted by Groupon, aimed to discover how 2020 has impacted the holiday shopping habits of Americans and discovered 76% are hoping to get gifts for loved ones that uplift their spirits while a further three in five plan on getting more personalized gifts for others this year.

“Besides gifting others with something that brings a smile to their face, 56% are planning to buy gifts that can be used after all the lockdown measures are lifted,” the article explains.

The article goes on to explain that because COVID-19 has halted so many activities we normally partake in this time of year, Americans are looking to other things to keep their spirits lifted this holiday season. Listening to music, reading, spending time outside and hanging out with immediate family were a few of the answers given.

And, results from the poll also revealed that this year, more people than ever before are treating themselves to a gift of some sort this Christmas.


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