The importance of utmost transparency in serious relationships

I think it is safe to say that honesty is a rather important aspect of any serious relationship. Without honesty, trust cannot build, not really exist whatsoever, and without either of these things, a relationship certainly wouldn’t be a healthy one. In fact, there may not be a relationship at all.

In addition to being honest with one another in a serious relationship, it’s furthermore equally important to be transparent with each other, meaning you’re not hiding or keeping anything from your better half. I realize there are exceptions to this belief, and sometimes there may be reason to keep the truth from the person we love. But generally speaking, this isn’t a good practice to begin dabbling in when it comes to serious relationships as it can result in being opaque and difficult to read as opposed to transparent and very upfront.

Blaine and I recently had a conversation in which we agreed to share something with each other that we haven’t before but have always wanted to, either good or bad. It was a really rewarding and impactful experience for both of us. Despite being together for almost seven years and thinking we know each other inside and out, it was a bit of a revelation to recognize that there are still things about the man I love and am going to marry I’m unaware of, and vice versa. I told him things I never have prior.

I highly encourage anyone in a serious relationship to give this exercise a try with their partner. Again, whatever has remained unsaid can be positive, negative, or both; regardless of its connotation, if it is something you have always wanted to say but felt like you couldn’t, it is a constructive means to get it out in the open and clear the air.

When it comes to love, transparency is key.

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