This is why you need to watch ‘Head Full of Honey’

The other evening, once again, Blaine and I found ourselves endlessly scrolling through Netflix, trying to decide on what to watch. We scrolled past a movie titled Head Full of Honey, which Blaine had watched a while ago and briefly told me about, and because he really enjoyed it and I hadn’t seen it, we put it on.

Holy hell, what an emotional whirlwind.

Head Full of Honey is a 2018 film that depicts the story of “a man suffering from Alzheimer’s (who) embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter,” says the movie’s IMDb page. It stars Nick Nolte as Amadeus, who has Alzheimer’s; Matt Dillon as his son, Nick; Emily Mortimer as Sarah, Nick’s wife; and Sophia Lane Nolte as Matilda, Amadeus’ granddaughter, who is Nick Nolte’s actual granddaughter in reality.

Normally, I’m not one to intentionally watch a movie that I know will likely make pretty emotional. I had a sense that this film would be a tear-jerker even before starting it, but I really had no idea how deeply and profoundly this movie, its plot, and its characters would resonate with me.

Head Full of Honey is, I think, a rather accurate portrayal of the hardships, struggles, and challenges associated with seeing a loved one slowly mentally deteriorate from Alzheimer’s. I can’t say for certain as I am fortunate enough to have never seen a loved one succumb to such a debilitating disease, but I know others who have, and their accounts of what the experience is like seems quite relevant to how the film portrays it. This movie will slam you right in the feels, but for the right reasons; it is a film that arguably relates to a lot of folks.

A culmination of emotions, humour, love and relationships, Head Full of Honey is a movie you should absolutely, one hundred per cent without a doubt watch. I promise you won’t regret it.

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