The importance of patience when it comes to mental health recovery

Mental health issues have, unfortunately, become something that a lot of us are far too familiar with, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Whether you were already dealing with mental illness and have found your condition to be intensified thanks to the coronavirus, or if you have never experienced mental illness prior to this pandemic but are now, hop on board and join the rest of us who have seen changes in mental health since this damn virus entered our lives.

I’ve been dealing with mental health conditions for over ten years now. What started with PTSD then developed into an eating disorder, followed in hot pursuit by depression, OCPD and anxiety is where I am now – let’s just say I’ve got a wee bit of familiarity with mental health problems and how they affect me, personally.

Something I have found to be so profoundly important when it comes to comprehending what mental health recovery entails is the significance, and essentially the necessity of patience. I’ve chatted with several people in my life who have developed mental health conditions in the last year or so who do not realize how crucial patience is in the context of mental health progress, hence why I am writing this post; patience is so damn pivotal when it comes to making progress with mental illness, and I don’t know if a lot of us realize the validity of this mindset.

Mental health may not be patient, and it is super frustrating to feel as though you’re not gaining ground with your own recovery. As much as it may seem like you’re at a standstill, I implore you to take a few minutes to scale back and recognize the progress you likely have made that has been overshadowed by your impatience. Mental health recovery is slow and often occurs in minute increments, but in the grand scheme of things, these increments are positively astounding, however your recovery might look.

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