Check out these self-care practices that take less than 15 minutes to do

Nowadays, it seems as though more of us are short of time than ever before. We wake up and rush to get ready for work; we rush to work; we rush out of work; we rush home from work to get food on the table.

You get my point.

Because so many of us are strapped for time, important things that we should devote time to, like self-care, are shoved off to the side because we don’t consider them to take precedence over other obligations and responsibilities we have to keep up with. While I understand and also relate to this mentality, I also recognize the numerous flaws and implications that exist in this mindset. So, I thought I would offer up a few self-care practices that don’t take up too much time in an attempt to encourage us to refrain from making excuses to take care of our minds and bodies.

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“Take a brief meditation break. It’s simple: Sit quietly, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. When you get distracted, just bring your attention back to your breath. When you’re done, you could feel more positive and patient. That’s just what you need to shift the energy of your day and help you bounce back from stress. 

“Step outdoors for a few minutes to pull some weeds, sit in the sunshine, or just get some fresh air. Research shows that time outside can give you more energy, a better memory, and less anxiety. Even if you’re in a city, notice trees, flowers, and parks. Soak up nature to give yourself a boost.

“Read a few pages of a funny book, watch a clip of your favorite comedian, or call a friend who always cracks you up. Laughter obviously lightens your mood, plus it stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles. It makes your brain release more feel-good endorphins. And it can relax your muscles and help your circulation.

“Pick up a pen and list at least a few things you’re grateful for today. Think about your relationships, things that went well, and any positive parts of your life — big or small. People who do this feel better and are less bothered by stress. And it can take very little time to do,” the website states.

Check back soon for even more time-conscious self-care strategies that will get you feeling better in no time.

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