How I Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is something I struggle with daily. I try my best to manage it and keep it under control, however, it can be overwhelming at times.

Something to keep in mind when suffering from anxiety is designating effective coping mechanisms. Everyone who experiences anxiety does so differently, and as a result, all persons cope with anxiety symptoms differently. These particular coping mechanisms help me personally, however, they may not be effective for others.

Find someone you can talk to: Attempting to explain anxiety and what it consists of to someone who struggles to comprehend your concerns is discouraging and frustrating. Try to identify someone in your life you feel comfortable conversing with, and keep in mind that this person should be someone you trust. My sister is someone I consistently go to when I am struggling with anxiety, and although she may not always understand my anxieties, she tries her absolute best to understand my concerns and give me constructive feedback in the process.

Take a step back from the situation: Sometimes when I find myself feeling particularly overwhelmed by my anxiety, I find that removing myself mentally from a situation can help. When I take a step back and try my best to really analyze a situation, rather than allowing my anxiety to dictate my emotions, I find I am able to better grasp the reality of the situation rather than what my anxiety perceives it to be.

Work it off: Exercise can be of tremendous assistance in terms of relieving anxiety. Try yoga, going for a jog, even a quick stretch – generating blood flow encourages the release of endorphins which have the ability to boost one’s mood.

Whatever technique works for you and your own anxieties, take the time to figure out what it is and how to best implement it.

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