Everyday Eating With Food Intolerances

Often times when I mention my food intolerances to someone in conversation, I am asked what exactly I eat in a day. I imagine this is because my food intolerances sound rather dramatic when said aloud (I can’t eat gluten, dairy or egg), and while my diet can get a little lack-lustre, it really isn’t as boring as it sounds.

Every morning for breakfast I have a green smoothie, two cups of coffee, and either a bowl of cereal or toast with banana, cinnamon and peanut butter.

For lunch I’ll have a spinach salad mixed with bruschetta or my sister’s phenomenal salsa, some type of protein (usually deli meat or roasted chicken), and some rice crackers. I’ll also have what I like to call my fruit bowl, a massive kaleidoscope of apples, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, and either a granola bar or some cookies mixed in. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I’ll toss in some cereal. I also have two more cups of coffee at lunch.

Snacks throughout the day are bananas (I eat at least one bundle in a day), and lot’s of water.

Because I am still living at home, my mom makes my family and I dinner. We usually have some sort of carbohydrate (whether it be pasta, potatoes or rice), a protein (chicken, beef, pork or fish), and at least two veggies.

After dinner I’ll have a snack, either some cookies or another bowl of cereal.

That pretty accurately summarizes my food intake for an average day. It doesn’t vary a whole lot because I am relatively restricted in terms of what I can and can’t eat, but I try my best to mix up ingredients to keep things exciting. I have a massive appetite, so one portion of food for me would likely satisfy two average folks (yes, seriously).

Food intolerances are a pain, but they don’t have to mean boring.

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