The importance of listening to your body

Humans are often guilty of ignoring and neglecting messages from our bodies. We experience aches and pains every so often, but in most situations, we ignore these early warning signs that may pertain to a larger issue and make things worse in the process.

I think part of our instinct to overlook what our bodies often try to tell us stems from the fear that there may be a bigger issue forming. Rather than acknowledging early signs of a problem, we convince ourselves that the signs will subside overtime to provide us with a sense of reassurance.

It doesn’t sound like the best approach when it’s said aloud, does it?

While I, too, often ignore messages my body is attempting to send me, I’ve come to the realization that doing so is completely illogical. For example, I ignored pain in my foot for several years, only to discover I had three torn ligaments and bone chips embedded in my muscle. When I discovered that the problem could have been addressed and controlled far earlier had I given my attention to the matter, I was pretty frustrated with myself. There isn’t much sense in ignoring pain in hopes it will magically disappear, is there?

In many situations, ignoring messages our bodies attempt to communicate to us can lead to far more severe issues down the road. And while I understand our tendency to put off visiting our doctor to address the problem, is it really worth the potential consequences that could develop in the long run?

Prioritizing and listening to our bodies in both a physical and mental manner is one of the best self-care practices in existence. It may be inconvenient at times, but it is absolutely vital to do so. After all, who knows our bodies better than we do ourselves?

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