How to grapple with feeling insignificant

The sensation of feeling as though we are inferior to someone or something in any given context isn’t a nice one. Yet, despite the shitiness of feeling undervalued, I would argue it’s somewhat inevitable among many of us at some point in our lives.

Rather than discuss how much it sucks to be made to feel small, I thought it might be more useful to have a conversation about how to handle these emotions. This is my own personal advice, though, so please don’t take it too literally as though I’m some sort of expert on the topic.

I am a relatively sensitive person. I always have been. I tend to take things literally, and sometimes, I take things too personally, which is one of my biggest downfalls. I’ve come to realize that the concept of letting things roll off of our backs is a very useful motto to be mindful of when we are feeling undervalued, and also in life in general. 

I’ll use my dad and I as an example. He and I often work together on the farm, and we sometimes butt heads while working. We have arguments, and from time to time, one of us says something to the other that can be hurtful. When I was younger, getting into these arguments with my dad would really bother me. But, now that I’ve matured a little and I have some more life experience, I tell myself not to take things personally if he and I argue, and I’ve found that it has really helped me to overcome the notion of feeling undervalued or insignificant, if that makes sense. 

Depending on the circumstance, sometimes it’s best if we avoid taking things literally and let things go, if possible. Feeling insignificant isn’t pleasant, but sometimes it is ultimately up to us to determine the outcome of how we respond to the sensation. 

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