Pessimism: a how not to guide

Pessimism is something that’s always really irked me. There are obviously situations in which pessimism is warranted, but more often than not, it isn’t necessary, yet many of us continue to live our lives with a pessimistic perspective.

I’ve never really understood why someone would go out of their way to focus solely on the negatives in life as opposed to directing some of their energy towards the positive. Personally, I think being negative requires more effort and energy than being optimistic, but that’s just me.

Since 2020 has been a pretty shit year so far, I can understand why pessimism might be on the rise or is perhaps more present than usual. We have had a lot of crap thrown at us so far this year, and it isn’t over yet. I think COVID-19 has absolutely garnered a little more pessimism from folks that normally aren’t ones to be negative, and while this makes sense, I feel as though it’s never been more important to stay positive and refrain from allowing ourselves to get or feel down.

I would argue that a lot of us underestimate the power of positivity, and when it comes to pessimism, it’s relevance really comes through. What do we really gain by being negative about everything all of the time? We push people away, causing ourselves to feel even worse in the process, and over time, we likely won’t have a whole lot of people left in our lives that we love and care about. Is that really something to be desired?

Pessimism is a toxic trait, and it’s one no one should strive to possess. If we can put time and effort into only seeing the negatives in things, we can certainly put the time and effort in to alter this mindset for the better.

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