The significance of socializing

Participating in social activities isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do right now. Thanks to COVID-19, a lot of the things we typically partake in recreationally have been kiboshed, therefore most of us aren’t as socially active as we likely normally would be if we weren’t in a pandemic.

Personally, I haven’t don’t a whole lot of social activity since this pandemic began. I’ve seen friends and family to a limited extent, but I haven’t really left the farm aside from going to work.

A couple of nights ago a friend of mine and her fiancé asked me to tag along with them to do a little bit of last minute wedding shopping. She needed to grab a few items, so we went to Limeridge Mall in Hamilton, followed by dinner at Jack Astors.

I hadn’t been shopping, let alone to a mall, since the coronavirus outbreak began back in March. It was a little weird to be in a mall while abiding by the safety protocols put into place for everyone’s safety, but it was also nice to be in a social setting. The same goes for dinner; it’s been a while since I’ve been to a restaurant to enjoy a meal, and by the time I got home, I realized that I really enjoyed being in a social environment.

While my little outing was far from anything really wild, going out into a public and social setting allowed me to realize just how much we as humans beings require social interactions. I wasn’t aware of the extent to which I missed going out into public, but this little trip encouraged me to recognize that while we are limited with social outings right now, we really do still need to get out of the house and experience a little bit of normalcy.

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