The power of resilience

Resilience is understood to be the ability to rebound from a difficult situation with perseverance. It is a phenomenal skill to possess in all facets of life, considering life isn’t exactly a walk in the park for most of us, and, in the past year or so, I would argue that more and more of us have exhibited resilience in means that go beyond what we may have initially thought to be possible, thanks to COVID-19.

We are all tired. Tired of COVID-19, tired of quarantining, tired of wearing masks, tired of social distancing, tired of being restricted and controlled to a certain extent in what we can do in our daily lives, tired of not being able to spend time with loved ones and family, tired of not being able to live our lives freely. We are tired, and quite understandably; this pandemic has been an aggressive influence in all of our lives for many months now.

I implore you to contemplate just how tired we are with this entire situation, and, despite our fatigue, how we have been able to carry on and continue to move forward. We have been battling this virus for over a year, a situation most of us have never before experienced, and yet we are still here. We are still alive, still breathing, still looking forward.

I believe this pandemic has encouraged us to recognize how resilient we as humans can be when we don’t have another option. We could choose to give up, give in, and simply curl up in a ball and wait for this shit storm to pass. Or, we could choose to keep going, keep looking to the future, and continue to be resilient, which is exactly what we have been doing throughout the entirety of this pandemic.

We are strong. We are human. We are resilient.

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