Here’s why we shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance

Judgment is one of those concepts that just about all of us agree to be detrimental. It isn’t right to do, and we know the implications that can present themselves as a result of judging someone. Yet, despite our recognition of the toxicity embedded in the act of judging a person, and our awareness that judgment is wrong, we all do it. Each and every one of us, whether we are willing to admit it or not.

I try very hard to refrain from judging people, and I would like to think there are a lot of folks among us that sport this same mentality. But, we are human, and judgment sometimes comes without precedence or intention.

It’s one thing to acknowledge that we are judging and to halt our thoughts before they develop any further. It’s another thing to acknowledge we are judging and to proceed with judgment regardless.

Growing up with a sister who was endlessly bullied for her appearance, I can attest to the damage that often cannot be undone when someone is constantly subjected to judgment, based on appearance, on behalf of others. I can’t personally vouch for how desecrating it is on one’s self-confidence and mental health to be inundated by judgment, but observing what my sister went through is more than enough reason to try my hardest to never inflict this same pain on someone else.

Judging someone based on their exterior appearance is wrong, always. Is it possible to judge someone and then learn our judgments were correct? Yes, it is. However, judgment for any reason remains to be a shitty practice to engage in, and I really truly long for a social construct in which people aren’t valued based solely on their facial and body structure.

Beauty sure as hell isn’t just physical, folks. It’s about time we learned that.

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