The importance of establishing boundaries

Perhaps I am isolated in this opinion, but I have always felt as though the concept of setting boundaries for oneself is often perceived as a negative thing. I speculate that a lot of us, when we hear the phrase ‘setting boundaries,’ cringe internally, or even have a mental flinch, if you will, regardless of who or what is requiring boundaries.

Perhaps we associate boundaries with negativity because they are often formed as the result of something consequential, but in essence, boundaries are intended to be a positive, beneficial thing that has the potential to improve a situation or person. The purpose of boundaries is to draw a distinct line of separation between two entities, and they aim to alleviate issues and conflict in a variety of ways.

I wouldn’t say I’ve set too many boundaries in regard to people and emotions, although I recently realized that could probably benefit from them in specific areas of my life. Upon further contemplation and mental exploration of boundaries and how they might prove to be altruistic for me, personally, I have come to the conclusion that boundaries, while they may look different for everyone, are arguably something we should all instill in our own lives.

The issue that stems from failing to establish boundaries is unintentionally sending a subliminal message to people and other forces to take advantage of us in some way, and to varying degrees of severity. I’m not saying we need to put up walls in all facets of life that could rival those of ancient Roman architecture; rather, I am suggesting that boundaries, when instilled, can benefit us physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually, depending on what areas of your life you think could use some reinforcement.

Whether your boundaries are as intense as an electric fence or as soft as sandbags, I implore you to determine where in your life you can formulate them to benefit yourself and those around you.

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