This is why mobile phones are ruining relationships

I’m really not a big fan of Dr. Phil, but if there’s nothing else remotely appealing on television, I’ll tune in to the show from time to time. I was watching an episode the other day, and the young girl it focused on really got me thinking about relationships in today’s day and age.

The girl featured in this particular episode was in her teens (as far as I can recall) and her reason for being a guest on the show involved her inability to handle breakups with boyfriends. Her mother, also a guest on the show, explained that her daughter had to be admitted to a mental health facility a year prior in order to move forward following the breakup she had experienced.

The young girl explained to Dr. Phil that she had a list of criteria she expects her boyfriends to abide by. I can’t remember all of them, but they included her boyfriends inability to be social or speak with other girls; constant communication via text messaging between him and her; the passwords to all of his social media accounts for her to watch who he follows, engages with, etc.

Keep in mind this girl is around 15 years of age.

Aside from her incessantly controlling demands and rules, what I found to be so concerning about this situation was her apparent belief that her criteria was not only expected, but normal. And I firmly believe mobile phones are to blame in this toxic equation because of their ability to demand excessive communication.

The fact that this young girl perceived her rules to be unconcerning demonstrates the danger of the demands mobile phones can enable. It’s arguable that without phones, these sorts of issues wouldn’t present themselves because 24/7 communication and keeping tabs wouldn’t be possible. Consider all of the generations that came before mobile phones did; they managed to maintain functioning, healthy relations without cell phones.

Why can’t we?

This episode was a crude reminder of the direction the world and society is headed in. A complete and utter dependence on a phone is not how to go about having a loving relationship.

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