Want to say thanks to our frontline workers? Read this to learn how

Let’s face it – the folks working on the frontlines throughout this pandemic are worthy of some serious recognition, regardless of the type of work they’re doing. It is because of these people that society has been able to function in limited means during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m really not sure as to what sort of state our world would be in if it weren’t for their bravery.

I imagine many of us would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to these individuals who are helping us through the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s fair to say that a lot of us are probably wondering how we can do so. According to an article from The Good News Network, it’s actually pretty easy.

“The Text For Humanity switchboard, created by Sinch in partnership with Mental Health America (MHA), originally launched in January to combat online negativity and promote the sharing of positive messages between strangers,” the article explains. But, since the COVID-19 virus made its well-known appearance, the switchboard is being used for more than one purpose.

“As the world moves into the next phase of the crisis, #TextForHumanity now enables people choosing to participate to identify themselves as either a frontline worker, or someone living in isolation. In turn, senders can choose the group they would like to send a personalized message of thanks and support. Frontline workers include anyone from nurses and doctors to delivery drivers and grocery store staffers—people performing the vital jobs that are keeping society going.

“To date, more than 83,000 messages of positivity have been exchanged across 85 countries,” the article says, and the service is free to use.

“To join the service, text JOIN to 37352 (U.S. only) or +1 833-421-4726 (additional international number options and links to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are available through the platform’s website). The service will ask for a couple of simple details including whether you are a frontline worker or living in isolation … You can then write a short message that gives a frontline worker or someone in isolation a smile.

“Once you’ve sent the message, Text For Humanity will share it with a fellow human somewhere in the world. Not only that, you will then receive a positive message from a stranger on your own phone. Messages you receive can also be transformed into vibrant and personalized artwork that can be easily shared from a smartphone on social media,” says the article.

If you have been wanting to express your appreciation to our frontline workers, here is your chance.

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