Finding relief through conversation

We all know it isn’t necessarily the best practice to make assumptions, but in terms of high probability in this particular context, I think it is safe to assume that all of us are familiar with the notion of avoiding internalizing emotions. We are told that it isn’t the best practice to avoid discussing how we are feeling with others, yet many of us engage in this practice anyways.

I get it. Talking about our emotions can be really, really difficult.

All of us are different, therefore it makes sense that we handle and digest emotions differently. Some of us thrive by sharing how we are feeling with others while some of us find this idea of openness to be alarming.

Personally, I benefit from venting to someone I trust about something that may be causing me distress. I’ve always been transparent when it comes to how I’m feeling, and I do not do well with keeping what is bothering me inside. And, while my stance on this matter may be a tad biased, I firmly believe that talking to someone when we are struggling is one of the most effective ways to experience emotional relief.

In choosing to open up to someone about something, we are voluntarily putting ourselves in a vulnerable position. This vulnerability can seem daunting, but if you choose to let your guard down in the presence of someone you trust, you could be amazed by what can transpire through raw and genuine conversation.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools we as human beings possess, and I believe a lot of us aren’t using this tool to its full potential. Language and conversation have the ability to benefit us in ways we are entirely unaware of, and a simple “can I talk to you?” could result in a tremendous emotional release if we allow it.

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