Finding hope in eating disorder recovery

I’ve written a few different posts here on my blog discussing the long-term implications of eating disorders and the physical havoc they wreak on a body. The lasting effects of an eating disorder and undeniable for its victims, making it difficult to forget enduring such a debilitating condition.

I would argue many of us are aware of the physical damage eating disorders of any sort can and most times will do to a human body, but I question how aware the general public is of the semi-permanent influence they have on someone’s mental health. As someone who had Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia simultaneously and later encountered binge eating disorder in my recovery, I can certainly attest to this influence.

I wanted to write this post for anyone who has been affected by an eating disorder in any sort to communicate the prospect of a complete recovery. I dealt with my own eating disorder several years ago, and while I still have disordered thoughts about food consumption on a daily basis, I have recently noticed that time is key component of recovery. Even one year ago I questioned whether or not I would be able to eat something without mentally calculating the calories, but lately, I’ve noticed that the severity and power of these thoughts are receding.

Eating disorders are a form of mental illness that are incredibly manipulative and destructive. As a survivor, it can be difficult to maintain hope that the actions, behaviours and thoughts affiliated with the condition will ever dissipate, but I think I’m a living example that they do. I struggled with my own eating disorder almost ten years ago, and while I am just now acknowledging a diminishment in the persistent effects of it, I certainly think that improvement over any given timeline is a sign to continue persevering if you’re still struggling, too.

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