Here’s how to calm yourself down when you’re feeling overwhelmed

I’ve been having a bit of a rough go as of late. In addition to grappling with the daily stress associated with the pandemic we’re facing, and also the variety of emotions that have presented themselves as a result of years of racially-fuelled police brutality, I’m also dealing with a bummed hand, a urinary tract infection, and some external stresses I will keep to myself.

I’m certainly not asking for a pity party, but I admit that these past few weeks have been a lot for me.

The other night, I was feeling tremendously overwhelmed with all of the emotions I’ve been going through. I took some time to de-stress, and I started thinking about the ways I personally calm myself down, and I thought it might be helpful to share my tips with you. I can’t guarantee they will prove to be effective for everyone, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

When I feel like my head is going to explode from the thoughts and worries I’m experiencing, I try my best to think logically and realistically. Reminding myself that there are things beyond my control and others I cannot change brings me a bit of relief.

I try to spend some time alone as well. I find that being alone helps me to address and sort through my thoughts which sometimes allows me to have a clearer head.

Occupying myself helps me to calm down as well. Watching a show, writing, or even spending time with my pets helps to bring me back down to a calmer level.

I benefit from talking to people I love and trust when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Hearing a different perspective towards an issue can work wonders.

These are a few examples of ways I find some mental clarity, and maybe you can benefit from them, too.


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