Need some anxiety coping skills? Look no further

If you’ve been following my blog to any degree, you are likely aware of that fact that I have anxiety. I’m rather open about it, in addition to the other forms of mental illness I have been diagnosed with, I am always more than willing to be candid when it comes to discussing the topic.

Perhaps it is because I’ve always been relatively transparent with my mental illness, but I have had a number of people ask me to share with them what I find to help me, personally, when it comes to coping with my anxiety.

I feel as though it is important to note that coping strategies in the context of mental illness are not universal, meaning what works for me may not work for someone else.

I have generalized anxiety disorder. Some of the coping mechanisms that aid me when I am struggling to control my anxiety include:

  • Deep breathing: this is one I use when I am so anxious it becomes physical, meaning I am trembling or can’t breathe. I tend to do ten deep and slow breaths in a row, and if I’m not getting much relief, I’ll do another ten.
  • Call/talk to someone you trust and who supports you: if I am having a meltdown, I call Blaine. He always calms me down and talks me through the situation, which is a tremendous help.
  • Logical thoughts/thinking: forcing myself to think realistically and practically when I am feeling overly anxious about something is an effective way to bring my thoughts back to a more sensible level.
  • Talking aloud: this one relates to the former, but sometimes simply speaking aloud to myself while conducting a task is a way for me to not only avoid anxiety, but get it under control.

Do you have some go-to coping mechanisms for your anxiety? Feel free to comment them below.

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