Navigating through a lack of social interaction

Something that has come to my attention as of late in a rather pronounced manner is evidence supporting the idea that a lot of us are seriously struggling with social isolation. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been told to collectively abstain from participating in social gatherings and activities to an extent, and personally, I believe we are starting to see the implications of this seclusion.

Through conversation with family and friends, I’ve truly noticed a significant depletion in overall attitudes and spirits. This depletion is absolutely granted considering we have been trying to grapple with a lot of changes since the Coronavirus outbreak began, but I am concerned for what may come of this frustration in future weeks, months and years.

I’ve also been seeing posts, articles and messages addressing this mental well-being issue via media outlets and social media. People are beginning to publicly express their worries pertaining to a lack of social interaction, and I believe more of us are feeling this way than we are letting on.

While I don’t have a solution for this issue, there are ways to continue to engage in social interactions without violating social distancing and isolation protocols. Phone friends and family regularly to keep in touch. Use social media to reach out to others and stay informed and up to date with current events. Look into virtual clubs and groups to provoke conversation with new and interesting individuals. Try investing in a new hobby to keep your brain occupied and learn a new skill or skills in the process.

The situation we are facing is one unlike most of us have ever experienced. All of us are trying to come to terms with this foreign reality, and we need to rely on one another more than ever to stay on track.

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